Massage Therapy in Plymouth, MN

Since 1981, Thomas Stout has brought therapeutic massage, relaxation, and wellness to many hundreds of satisfied clients, from professional athletes and dancers to busy parents. He practices from his relaxing home studio, conveniently located in Plymouth, MN.

Thomas Stout offers a range of massage services and can tailor them for each client. Whatever your body shape or size Thomas can customize your session to provide the best massage for you.

Therapeutic Massage

Massages with Thomas are meant to be transformative – whether you go once a week or once a month. That’s because he approaches his practice as both an art and a science, and his clients as partners in healing. His manner is laid back, easy-going, and yet he holds a great respect for the wonder of the human body, and the power of massage to help his clients feel better beyond his studio.

Structural Integration

  • Improves posture.
  • Eases strain on tight, overused muscles.
  • Provides greater ease in standing and sitting.
  • Enhances body self awareness.
  • Creates counterbalance to gravity.
  • Can be life changing!

Aquatic Bodywork

Watsu is performed in a warm water therapy pool. The warmth, buoyancy, and support of the water allow your whole body to be moved in ways that aren’t possible on land. Immersing yourself in this environment, being moved gracefully through the water and being held by another person, facilitate deep levels of healing, trust, and relaxation.