Therapeutic Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Thomas’ style of therapeutic massage is full body relaxation. His massage can be especially precise because of his deep knowledge of anatomy and he can work with you to help you understand your life’s tensions and move towards a deep state of relaxation and inner peace. Thomas is very receptive to your individual preferences and if you have a particular area you want to improve, he can adjust his methods and his focus accordingly.

Advantages of Massage:

  • Relaxes tight, overused muscles
  • Eases aches and pains due to activities and/or aging
  • Ideal for all body sizes and shapes
  • Increases the circulation of blood, lymph and oxygen
  • Stimulates the body’s internal healing mechanisms
  • Reverses the stress response that so many of us are affected by
  • Protects against psychological disorders like anxiety and depression as well as physical conditions like hypertension, and cardiovascular disease that are exacerbated by stress

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Other Massage Services

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