Massage Pro Appointments

Just like your car needs an oil change,
you’ll operate better with regular, tension-relieving massages.

Every time you refer a new client, you’ll receive a 15-minute credit toward a session with Thomas.

Please email to schedule an appointment.

1 hour of Therapeutic Massage: Click to Schedule an Appointment

1.5 hours of Therapeutic Massage: Click to Schedule an Appointment

75 minutes Structural Integration: Click to Schedule an Appointment

1 hour Injury Rehabilitation: Click to Schedule an Appointment


In experiencing a number of massages from Thomas Stout,
you’ll become more comfortable with your body, and learn more about yourself.

What to expect – Thomas will either meet you at the door or, if he’s in session, you can simply begin relaxing in the sitting area. Thomas will have you fill out a form, and will want to talk with you a bit to learn about your needs that day. During your massage, you may have questions, or you may simply want to be quiet and relax. Thomas is attentive to your needs in each session.