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Body Back Buddy

The Body Back Buddy Trigger Point Massager is our most popular design and reflects years of feedback from massage therapists, chiropractors, and physical therapists.

With 11 therapy knobs, the Body Back Buddy stimulates in between muscles and pinpoints trigger points for a more finely-tuned treatment.

Engineered to be lightweight, strong and easy to use. Combines features for those who want the ultimate self massage tool.  Overall length is 25 inches.


Back Roller

The Back Roller Massage Tool is an excellent device for massaging the spinal column. This is the descendent of the original Ma Roller which was developed over 30 years ago.

The new rubber rings stabilize the rolling action making it easier to control your movements. By giving a gentle stretch to the spine and a deep massage to the antigravity muscles in the back, the Back Roller Massage Tool stimulates three fundamental lines of energy known to every ancient culture around the world.

These three lines represent the very core of man – both conscious and unconscious functions.





The AccuMassage Trigger Point Massager is the best tool made for releasing muscle spasms and knots in the neck and hard to reach shoulders and calf muscles.

It’s perfect for home, office, and travel.




Rainbow Scalp Massager

OH! AHH! Yes right there! Colorful, fun and feels oh so good. The Rainbow Scalp Massager sends a feel good tingling sensation throughout the body and shivers up the spine. Simple and fun to use and the best gift for friends and those you love.  12 tingling nodules stimulate sensitive feel good nerves in the scalp.

Colorful, fun and a great gift item or treat for yourself.

The Head Massager provides a relaxing and calming massage that is easy for anyone to use.  Simply place the ends of the massager on the top of your (or a friend’s) head, gently press down, and then repeat as desired

The Head Massager will help you relieve stress in no time!