About Thomas Stout

“The privilege of being a massage therapist is being able to explore the complexities
of the human body and the reward is to bring healing and rejuvenation to clients.”

Thomas Stout

Thomas Stout & Family

Laid back, soft-spoken, but passionate about making a difference for his clients’ well-being, Thomas has always gravitated toward athleticism. He celebrated the power and grace of the human body as a professional dancer for 10 years in Minnesota and Germany, and remains dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle with his family. “In my spare time I like to bicycle…whenever I can, I do home remodeling, I go camping, canoeing, and raise my kids. At the moment, I’m in the process of developing cycling trips for kids.”

Since 1981, Thomas has brought his craft to a diverse population: from professional athletes to troupe members of many national Broadway touring companies (CATS, Phantom of the Opera & Miss Saigon) and dance companies such as San Francisco Ballet and American Ballet Theater.  In 1989, he founded A Center for Health & Healing, and now practices from his home in Plymouth.  Thomas is often referred to as “the massage therapist’s massage therapist.”

A flexible approach based on years of practice

Thomas infuses his massage therapy with concentration, analysis, compassion, and creativity. Because of his education, versatility, and his ability to feel comfortable with the variety of body types and personalities that come to any therapists’ table, he can easily address what clients most need that day, and help them develop a plan going forward. He is driven by his awe of the human body.  Although each body is fundamentally the same, Thomas marvels at the challenge of addressing the wide variety of questions and needs that his clients present.

Dedicated to continuous learning

Thomas is committed to exploring a wide range of massage techniques and distinguishing himself as a high-level practitioner. Since graduating with a B.A. degree in Dance, Music, and Art, he has passionately pursued a focus in healing, by becoming certified in the following areas: NeuroMuscular Therapy, Injury Rehabilitation, Thai Medical Massage, Connective Tissue Massage and Structural Integration as developed by Ida Rolf. He continues to study with notable experts in the realm of therapeutic massage, anatomy, and the healing arts.

Thomas has been sharing his wisdom by teaching massage therapy students since 1992.  His hope is to inspire them to embrace the value of continuous learning.  With this value, he leads students to understand that massage is far more than simple touching of the body for pleasure and relaxation. To Thomas, massage is a pathway for healing where the understanding of the complex interconnection beneath a massage therapist’s hands brings about change and transformation.