Body Wellness Rates


 “In these tough times, you especially need to take care of yourself, and focus on your health…” 


Please email to schedule an appointment.


Therapeutic Massage

1 hour of Therapeutic Massage: $104.00:   Click to Schedule an Appointment

1.5 hours of Therapeutic Massage: $156.00:   Click to Schedule an Appointment

Buy 5 Sessions and Save 10%: Package of 5 hours: $468.00 = $93.60 each.

4% discount for Cash or Check.

Structural Integration

75 minutes Structural Integration$156.00  Click to Schedule an Appointment

Buy 3 Sessions and Save 10%: Package of 3 sessions: $421.20 = $140.40 each.


Aquatic Bodywork

Thomas is currently offering sessions of Aquatic Bodywork at Feinberg Vitality Center in St Paul.  

$100 per hour:   Click to Schedule an Appointment


Injury Rehabilitation

Specific work for Injury Rehabilitation: $156 per hour:   Click to Schedule an Appointment


Therapeutic Massage In Home

In Home – available by appointment only: $170/hour:   Specific work for Injury Rehabilitation
$30 surcharge after 11:00PM.

Please notify Thomas of any cancellations 24 hours prior to your appointment, or a session fee will be charged.

Gratuities accepted but not expected.

*MN Sales Tax = 6.875%, Twins Stadium = .15% & Transportation Tax = .5%
Taxes collected for all non-medical services.