Aquatic Bodywork

Immerse yourself in warm water therapy & Float into Bliss!

Aquatic Bodywork is a very soothing type of whole body, mind & soul therapy that takes place in warm, waist-deep water.  There are many forms of Aquatic Bodywork.  One of them, called Watsu, got it’s start in 1980 when Harold Dull started applying Zen Shiatsu stretches to students floating in the warm pool at Harbin Hot Springs in California.  Its name comes from a combination of the words “water” and “shiatsu.” Since then, many other forms have been developed: Water Dance, Healing Dance, & Aquatic Integration, to name a few.  Thomas practices his own blend of Aquatic Bodywork which incorporates his background in ballet, massage, yoga and meditation.

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From one of my Aquatic clients:

“I would highly recommend an aqua massage with Thomas.  His intuitive touch, while being immersed and gently moved in warm water was healing and transformative.  I felt more relaxed and in tune with myself for days afterwards”. 

Jenny S.

The Benefits of Aquatic Bodywork

Aquatic Bodywork’s gentle stretches have a therapeutic effect on the body. The buoyancy and support of the water allow the spinal column to be moved in ways that aren’t possible on land. Many people also find it works on an emotional level as well, promoting trust and connection.  Some people find that the first session is all about learning to trust the fact that someone is there to support you.  Others are trying to overcome a fear of water. (If this is you, be sure to tell Thomas.) Others are able to fully relax and find it deeply soothing from the very first session.

What to Expect in an Aquatic Bodywork Appointment

During an Aquatic Bodywork session, Thomas literally cradles your body, with one arm supporting your knees, the other your neck and head. He then moves you through in the water, first one way then another, taking your body through a series of passive stretches and twists.  Being held in the warm water, that is almost the same temperature as your body, is a deeply relaxing and nurturing experience.

For more detailed information on what to expect, click here:  What Happens During an Aquatic Bodywork Treatment?

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