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A Feldenkrais Class by Baby Liv

This is a great little video about how we all start out moving and exploring the world through our bodies.  Amazing to realize how much we actually learn in the first year of life.

A Feldenkrais Class by Baby Liv from Irene Gutteridge on Vimeo.

How humans run!

This is a great video about why and how humans run.  It’s our evolutionary destiny!

Foam rolling is not fascial release!

I’m so glad that someone has finally agreed with what I’ve been saying for many years and they’ve produced a video explaining how foam rollers and Graston Technique is not affecting the fascia in the way they claim. Those modalities may still be effective for what they do but they don’t change fascia the way Structural Integration does.



Great article on the benefits of walking outside barefoot and connecting with the earth.  Of course that’s hard to do in Minnesota during the winter but that makes it all the more important during the seasons when we can be barefoot outside.

Click here to read the article: Earthing for your health



This is beautiful! Visualizing how a dancer moves energy! Sweet!

Harbin Hot Springs

I’m often asked to describe Harbin Hot Springs.  It’s a challenge because so much happens there that’s so hard to describe.  Here’s a video that gives you a picture of the physical area at least.