Saw this on Facebook and thought it was worth remembering:

“Doesn’t it seem strange that the medical system has convinced us that it is perfectly OK to undergo a grievous wounding to address a condition that isn’t remotely life-threatening? Surgery is that wounding. Every wound extracts its price in scar tissue, the lingering effects of anesthesia, the displacement of organs, damage to the free movement of one layer of tissues over another. Not to mention risk of infection, surgical failure, or surgical error (which is more common that you would think).

We appear to have been beguiled into thinking that our bodies are like mechanical objects that can be “repaired” or “improved” by taking a scalpel to the body the way a mechanic would take a wrench to your car.

How is it that we fail to understand how damaging surgery is? Certainly, in a life-threatening situation, surgery will likely be the lesser of evils….”

But for many conditions, it might be a lot better to meditate, relax, change some habits, be less stressed, get some therapy for why you need to look a certain way, or get a massage even!