A Feldenkrais Class by Baby Liv

This is a great little video about how we all start out moving and exploring the world through our bodies.  Amazing to realize how much we actually learn in the first year of life.

A Feldenkrais Class by Baby Liv from Irene Gutteridge on Vimeo.


Great article on the benefits of walking outside barefoot and connecting with the earth.  Of course that’s hard to do in Minnesota during the winter but that makes it all the more important during the seasons when we can be barefoot outside.

Click here to read the article: Earthing for your health


Why You Should Know About Fascia!

Although this article is written with the athlete in mind.  It does a great job of explaining why fascia matters to anyone with a body.  I highly recommend reading it!

Top 5 Ways Fascia Matters to Athletes


“From the superficial (“body stocking”) fascia, it dives deep and forms the pods (called fascicles) that actually create your musculature like a honeycomb from the inside out. Imagine what it looks like when you bite into a wedge of orange and then look at those individually wrapped pods of juice. We’re like that too! Fascia also connects muscle to bone (tendons are considered a part of the fascial system), and bone to bone (ligaments are also considered a part of the fascial system), slings your organ structures, cushions your vertebrae (yep, your discs are considered a part of this system, too), and wraps your bones…..

Many of you have experienced the domino effect without having had a name for it. First, your neck gets injured in a minor whiplash in that teeny tiny no big deal car accident that you had when you were sixteen years old. But you’re sixteen years old, so no biggie. You ignore it and it gets better. But once you enter college, suddenly you have this nagging shoulder painwith all the extra typing and sitting you’re doing. As the years go by you start to think of yourself as the “tight-shouldered” person, and sometimes you have a pinching pain when you lift your arm. More years go by and you are now not only a “tight-shouldered person,” but you also suffer from occasional low back spasms and have developed plantar fasciitis, which you assume must be because you’re a runner and everyone says running is bad for you. I could go on, and this is just one quick sketch of one type of domino effect out of the infinite possibilities, but you get the idea.”

Consciousness Drives the Universe

This is a fabulous video that I think you’ll enjoy watching and there’s a wonderful image of Chakras, Sushumna & Kundalini starting at 7:42.

Understanding Your Fascia

Fascial WebJust saw this great article from Runner’s World.

It’s fabulous that fascia is finally becoming mainstream!  something Ida Rolf started studying back in the 1930’s.

Check it out:

Runner’s World Article



Saw this on Facebook and thought it was worth remembering:

“Doesn’t it seem strange that the medical system has convinced us that it is perfectly OK to undergo a grievous wounding to address a condition that isn’t remotely life-threatening? Surgery is that wounding. Every wound extracts its price in scar tissue, the lingering effects of anesthesia, the displacement of organs, damage to the free movement of one layer of tissues over another. Not to mention risk of infection, surgical failure, or surgical error (which is more common that you would think).

We appear to have been beguiled into thinking that our bodies are like mechanical objects that can be “repaired” or “improved” by taking a scalpel to the body the way a mechanic would take a wrench to your car.

How is it that we fail to understand how damaging surgery is? Certainly, in a life-threatening situation, surgery will likely be the lesser of evils….”

But for many conditions, it might be a lot better to meditate, relax, change some habits, be less stressed, get some therapy for why you need to look a certain way, or get a massage even!

OM Kumara Mantra (Innocence)

A beautiful mix we created for our chilled times,
featuring : Deva Premal and Miten with Manose (Special guest Maneesh de Moor)
Enjoy 🙂


A Joyful Mind

“The benefit of meditation is to make your mind calm, peaceful, happy, joyful.” – Yongey Mingur Rinpoche

Much of the time we believe this myth in the West that there’s something that is originally wrong with us.  We are originally broken, originally defective, and originally confused.  I think that one of the things this bring home is that “no, that’s actually not the case”.  The case is that the confusion is on the surface and that we are whole, we are always whole and always have been whole.  Meditation helps us come back to that wholeness.” – Dr Andy Moore

Finally! Research shows the importance of Fascia!

Scientific research is being done that shows the advantages of working with Fascia!

This video is 32 minutes long but well worth it if you’re interested in Structural Integration (aka Rolfing), Yoga, Acupuncture, massage, health, fitness or have any kind of body pain. It’s in German but has English subtitles.


This is absolutely beautiful.  So grateful someone shared this with me!