Ida Rolf History

Here’s a great video from Tom Meyers on the early days of Ida Rolf.

Foam rolling is not fascial release!

I’m so glad that someone has finally agreed with what I’ve been saying for many years and they’ve produced a video explaining how foam rollers and Graston Technique is not affecting the fascia in the way they claim. Those modalities may still be effective for what they do but they don’t change fascia the way Structural Integration does.


6 Surprising Benefits of Massage

Check out this article in Reader’s Digest
6 surprising benefits of massage









Although the title says it’s surprising, I’ve known this for years!


Finally! Research shows the importance of Fascia!

Scientific research is being done that shows the advantages of working with Fascia!

This video is 32 minutes long but well worth it if you’re interested in Structural Integration (aka Rolfing), Yoga, Acupuncture, massage, health, fitness or have any kind of body pain. It’s in German but has English subtitles.

Benefits of Massage & Watsu

Check out this video on the benefits of both Massage and Watsu!

Watsu is a relaxing therapy performed in the warm Therapy Pool at The Marsh in Minnetonka, MN. Experience total relaxation through releasing all of your muscle tension.  Call 763 577-0456!

Benefits of Massage for Mental Health

This is a great article on the benefits of massage for mental health.  I’m so happy that researchers are finally validating what my clients have known for years – Massage is good for you!

Got Low Back Pain? Massage Therapy May Rub It Out

Low back pain is second only to cold symptoms when it comes to complaints that send people to the doctor. Sooner or later, back pain seems to get most of us.

Peggy O’Brien-Murphy receives a massage from therapist Loretta Lanz. O’Brien-Murphy was among the participants in a study that found both relaxation and deep tissue massage are effective treatments for lower back pain.

Now, a study in the July 5 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine shows that massage is an effective treatment for lower back pain. In some cases, researchers report, the benefits of massage lasted for six months or longer.

See the Full Story at NPR

Life is like a River

A number of years ago, a friend told me that under natural conditions, a river can cleanse itself in 10 miles.  What that means is that if some leaves, or an animal falls into the river, 10 miles later, all traces are gone.

Now, imagine what it would be like if someone built a paper mill on that river.  It would take more than 10 miles for it be cleansed because paper mills aren’t natural.  And then imagine what it would be like with a paper mill every mile or so.  The river would probably probably become totally fouled and we’d need to add a lot of filters in order to move it towards its natural state.

Well, living life the way we do is a lot like having many paper mills on your river.  It’s just that our form of pollution is the stresses we face in life.  Everything from hurtling along a concrete corridor at 70 miles per hour with other drivers who may or may not be paying attention to what they’re doing.  Having your boss question you about why you haven’t finished your project on time.  Arguments with relatives, financial concerns or worries about your kids involvement with texting and Facebook.  All of these modern life stressors are creators of pollution on our rivers of life and are not what I’d call natural.

Unfortunately, most people I know can’t really change the number of polluters on their river.  They may be married to their biggest polluters, whether it’s their spouse, job, kids or lifestyle and that’s not going to change.  So the solution to dealing with these polluters is a lot like our river.  We need to add more filters.

Filters can be anything that works for you.  Taking the phone off the hook, going for a walk or bike ride in nature, forgoing the nightly news, taking a hot bath or getting a massage.  It can even be pounding pillows or screaming under a railroad bridge.  Whatever you need to do to relieve the stress.

When looked at this way, you can see that when the number of polluters on your river grows, as your stress intensifies, you’ll be better able to handle it if you add more filters.  And when your filters match your polluters, you’ll have a much cleaner river.

A single massage can boost the immune system

Devotees of massage therapy know it’s relaxing and feels good. But massage may also be an effective tool for maintaining good health. Researchers from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center reported this week that a single massage produced measurable changes in the immune system and endocrine system of healthy adults.

The researchers, led by Dr. Mark Rapaport, studied 29 healthy adults who received a 45-minute Swedish massage and 24 healthy adults who had a 45-minute session of light touch massage, a much milder exercise that served as a comparison to the more vigorous Swedish massage. Blood samples were taken before the massage began and at regular intervals up to one hour after the massage was completed.